College friends Nerisa, Helena, and Caroline started decorating church and university events as a hobby since their freshman year. After graduating, they expanded their range to birthday parties, engagement ceremonies, anniversary dinners, and baby showers while working as full-time architects. “Later on, we discovered our knack for making decorations and pretty details. We decided to let go of our formal careers and focus on doing what we really love,” said Nerisa.

They later teamed up with Michael, who has a hospitality management background, to establish Elior Design in 2014. “Our mission is to create personal, unique, and pretty celebrations by meeting our clients’ needs and even exceeding their expectations,” said Nerisa. The client’s personal touch is the most important aspect of Elior Design’s wedding decorations. In fact, the team never uses the same design twice. “To make each event truly unique, we often combine several themes or use mixed materials. We also add very personal and thematic details, with the couples’ names written on them,” she explained.

Their journey in the wedding industry had been quite unexpected. After decorating an intimate wedding dinner only five months after launching Elior Design, the team has been entrusted to handle many other wedding celebrations ever since.

“Although a wedding is a one-day event, it can be quite complex with impeccable details that should be designed. Being in this business really makes our life dynamically challenging, but the sweat, sleepless nights, cuts and bruises are always paid off in the end,” said Nerisa. She added, “Every couple has a unique personality and different requests, it’s almost impossible to get bored doing this!”

Brides-to-be who are planning an intimate wedding in Bali should rejoice, as the team is planning to expand the business to the Island of the Gods. Even if you’re based anywhere else in the country, feel free to ask Elior Design to decorate the wedding of your dreams.